My experience with NZ Offices has been amazing from the start. The call centre setup was easy and the staff are all professionally trained and very helpful.

Saul Goodman

Web Development Company CEO

I’m surprised by how easy and fast the whole signup process is, I just chose the services that my company needed online and it was good to go within an hour! I would definitely recommend if you are a small business, and their customer service has been fantastic too.

Sara Wilsson

Freelance Graphic Designer

As a small business owner I’m very happy that I found NZ offices as a super trustworthy virtual business provider. From call centre to mail forwarding, I haven’t missed a thing! The team is also very professional and prompt with reply, which is very helpful as I am too busy to look over small things.

Jena Karlis


Great value for money, fantastic service and friendly support team, couldn’t ask for more!

Emily Harrison

Business Consultant