Types of Virtual Employee & Assistant


Our accountants can help you all kind of accounting work done. Whether it is income tax filing or annual return filing for your company, our assistants will come in handy with their many years of experience.


Many small companies want to outsource their administration services to offshore companies. It is very cost effective. When you hire a remote virtual worker, he will be able to do all kinds of administrative work without a hassle. His communication skill in English will be top notch and he can handle all kind of requirements related to administration.

Answering support tickets

You are providing support services and for this type of service, You can hire our virtual assistant for the requirement of answering any type of support tickets. All you will need to do is instruct him on how to handle the queries from customers and your job is done. Our good assistants will do the job very well.


You can hire a virtual assistant from India for writing blog posts for your website or any other digital platform. Our bloggers will be able to write on any topic of your choice. They will do research online to gather the data on any topic or subject of your choice.

Booking appointments with clients

Many times you need to fix an appointment with prospective clients for your B2B services. The work may be time taking and hiring a full-time employee for this need may not be a cost-effective solution. In this case, it is better to just go for a virtual assistant who can do the job for you while sitting overseas in his house or office. This way you will get the work without much cost attached to it.

Branding Services

If you are operating in a small firm and are looking for a cost-effective solution for your branding needs, our virtual employees can help you with this. They will perform all kinds of branding work for you. It may involve a digital platform and campaigns for promoting your product or company.

Business Consultant

Sometimes business owners may be totally confused about how to grow their companies. But they do not know what to do. They do not want to hire a business consultant as they are expensive. If you do not have enough budget for hiring a consultancy firm and still want to get any type of help then you may hire a virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost. Our assistant will give you a proper consultancy after doing a detailed study of your business.

Call Answering Services

Many times you need an employee to answer important calls. The calls may come from your customers or clients. It is possible to handle calls coming to your company via a remote worker.

Chasing outstanding invoices

It may become a headache for any business owner to chase companies for payment. Many companies are slow in processing outstanding invoices. This may cause your company to face cash flow issues. So it becomes very important for your company to get all the invoices paid on time. You can hire a virtual assistant from our company who can chase all those companies for invoice payments.

Content writing

You may need content writing for all kinds of requirement. It may be simply required for the digital platform including SEO, or social media or some articles required for some other needs. Our virtual staff can do the job for you efficiently. They can create any type of content based on your needs.


Suppose you are running an advertising agency and do not want to hire a full-time copywriter due to cost. You may simply hire our remote virtual assistant, who can write any kind of copy for your any kind of campaigns, whether it is for TV ads or digital campaigns.

Creating Basic Reports

If you are looking for any kind of reporting from staff, you can outsource that job to us. Our virtual staff will do all kind of report creation and will share with you.

Creating infographics

You may need some infographics for any of your use. It may be used for digital marketing purposes or some presentation for some sales pitch. Our virtual agents can create any kind of infographics for your requirement.

Creating/updating database

As the importance of data is growing worldwide, creating and maintaining databases has become a necessity for companies. Our virtual assistants can create and maintain the database for you for any kind of requirement.

Customer Service

Customer care service is very important for any company to grow. You may require a customer care person to look after your clients or customers. Our workers with their good communication skills in English will be able to deliver the required customer care for your company.

Data Entry Assistant

As more and more businesses are going online there has been an increased requirement for data entry needs for companies. Our data entry experts can feed all kinds of data as per your needs. Whether you need to push data of your old paper documents or some paper directory that need to be fed in a computer system, our staff can do all kind of stuff for you.

Data mining

If data is the key for your company and its business then you may need to do a lot of data mining. You may need to gather a lot of data about your relevant needs. We can offer employees who can do the job for you.

Online research

You may need someone to do just lots of online research about lots of stuff. It may be time taking and you may need some help to get it done. Our online research experts can do a great job for you in this case.

Data Processing

You can hire a virtual assistant to do any type of data processing. This will make your life easier as you do not need to work hard to get any kind of data processing done by your full-time expensive employee. Our staff will be cheaper for you and help with cost saving for your company.

Designing/formatting info

You can hire a virtual assistant to do the designing requirement. If you have any kind of designing or formatting requirement then you can contact us. Our remote worker will be more than beneficial to you. Our workers are committed to providing you any type of design work.

Calendar management

Many times you are too busy to manage your work calendar. Then we can offer you a virtual assistant who can do the job of calendar management based on your requirement.

Calendar management

Many times you are too busy to manage your work calendar. Then we can offer you a virtual assistant who can do the job of calendar management based on your requirement.

eBook editing/formatting

Our virtual assistants are totally capable of editing any ebook you have created. They can format or edit your ebooks without any issue. They understand the Englishlanguage very well and can make your ebook ready to be published for the whole world to read.

eCommerce virtual assistant

If you run an e-commerce website and need to hire a virtual assistant, our remote staff can come handy in that situation. Our virtual assistants can work towards your business goals and can contribute smartly towards pushing your e-commerce venture to success. Our remote workers can do any kind of work which can be handled remotely.

Editing / Proofreading

If you have some long document or some book to be proofread or edited we can get it done with the use of our staff. Our virtual employees can understand the nature of the work and then they edit and proofread the book very well to make it ready for publishing.

Electronic Newsletters

Sending newsletters is useful for your business as it helps in communicating with customers or clients. Sending electronic newsletter is a good way of making sure that your customers are aware of new updates of your company or its products. We can help in creating and sending newsletters for you.

Ezine Creation

As businesses are shifting towards digital platforms, the importance of ezines has gone up. If your company is into providing content related services then making ezines can help your business. No need to spend too much money for this purpose as our experts can create e-zines for you easily. They can create content for the purpose including writing content and finding images.


If you want to become an authority figure in any field by writing a book, but do not know how to write, then we are here to help. Our virtual assistants can ghostwrite a book for you. You simply provide us the topic for the book and we are ready to do the job for you.

Hotel and Flight Booking

You can outsource your hotel and flight booking to our staff. If you hire a virtual assistant he will work as your own travel agent with the booking of tickets and hotel at the cheapest rate possible within a fair timeline. This will remove an unnecessary burden from your head so that you can focus on your core responsibility of doing business.

Landing Page Creation

If you want to run a campaign to generate leads for your business then you have to create a landing page. It may not be your core expertise to create it. However, if you hire a virtual assistant then he can create a great landing page which can generate a big number of leads for your business with a very good conversion rate.

MailChimp Assistance

If your company is into email marketing then you can use MailChimp for sending emails to your customers. These emails can be just informational or for generating new business from the existing customers. Or you can send emails for any other requirement like communicating with new product updates or some information about some policy changes.

Marketing Support

If you want any kind of marketing support then you can get it from our virtual assistants. We can provide you any kind of remote workers who can help you in your marketing efforts. They can do any job for you which can help your company reach the next level. Our virtual assistants can help you do any kind of marketing initiative whether it is collecting data of prospective customers or calling prospective customers or sending business proposals to them.

Online Business Manager

If you hire a virtual assistant he can work as an online business manager for your business. If you are looking for someone to look after growing your business via the digital medium they can do the same. They can do the promotion of your business, can create a list of prospective clients via platforms like Linkedin and can create a strategy to target the prospective clients for any kind of new business. If your business is B2C then our online business managers can do online marketing to grow your business. They can use social media, SEO and online paid campaigns to expand your business online.

Online tutoring

If your company is into online education then we can offer you, online teachers. They can teach all kinds of subjects your company may require for the customers. They will be proficient in the English language and will give teaching via the digital platform.

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